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Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting v1.33.2.0 Mod

Shadow of Death is the greatest combination of Role-playing game (RPG) and Classic Fighting game, which lets you equip your Shadow with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets to make an unbeatable hero. THÔNG TIN PHIÊN BẢN Phiên bản mod: Dung lượng game: 25 MB. Yêu cầu Root máy: KHÔNG. Yêu cầu Android: 2.3.3 trở lên. CHPLAY: com.Zonmob.ShadowofDeath.FightingGames TÍNH NĂNG BẢN MOD : – Unlimited Crystals – Unlimited Souls HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT GAME : 1. Tải bản mod về máy cài đặt 2 .Play

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Talking Tom Pool v1.6.2.189 Mod Money

Get ready to party with Talking Tom and Friends in a completely NEW KIND OF PUZZLE GAME! Sling and match colors to clear the pool and win! It’s FREE and EASY to play, whether you’re young or just young at heart, so jump into the fun! There’s no other game like it. Download now and start playing! THÔNG TIN PHIÊN BẢN Phiên bản mod: Dung lượng game: 94MB. Yêu cầu Root máy: Không Yêu cầu Android: 2.3.3 trở lên. CHPLAY: TÍNH NĂNG BẢN MOD : – Unlimited Money HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT GAME : – Gỡ cài đặt bản gốc trên máy nếu có. – Tải bản mod về máy cài đặt và play game.

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My Talking Hank v1.6.2.1566 Mod Money

My Talking Hank is the the new game in “My Talking” series after My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela. In this game, instead of taking care of a cat, you get to take good care of an adorable little puppy. Best of all, you get to do this on an impressive tropical island, where you will find all sorts of fun things to do. THÔNG TIN PHIÊN BẢN Phiên bản mod: Dung lượng game: 94MB. Yêu cầu Root máy: Không Yêu cầu Android: 2.3.3 trở lên. CHPLAY: TÍNH NĂNG BẢN MOD : – Unlimited Coins; – Unlimited Diamonds; – Ads Removed. HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT GAME : – Gỡ cài đặt bản gốc trên máy nếu có. – Tải bản mod về máy cài đặt và play game.

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Hướng dẫn hack game android trên PC

Ở bài này mình quay video hướng dẫn các bạn sử dụng NOX và Mod game bằng DnSpy. Phần mềm dùng trong TUT: – Trước tiên hãy cài .NET Frame Work 4.0 để có thể mở Dnspy: – Nox và Dnspy các bạn tải ở bài trước nha: – Root Explorer: – Lucky Patcher: Video hướng dẫn:

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Để bắt đầu mod một game Android Unity 3D

Ở bài viết này mình sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn nhưng điều cơ bản và cần thiết để bắt đầu mod một game android (Unity 3D). Công cụ cần thiết: – NOX (Phần mềm giả lập android trên PC): – Winrar (Phần mềm giải nén file apk): – DnSpy (Phần mềm để mod file DLL game Unity 3D): Cách nhận biết game Android Unity 3D: – Đầu tiên bạn tải một game android về và mở nó ra bằng Winrar. – Tiếp đến chúng ta mở thư mục lib -> armeabi-v7a sẽ thấy như hình sau: -> Nếu thấy file có tên là,, thì đó chính là Unity 3D game. Vì sao phải nhận biết như vậy? Vì game Android được viết từ nhiều ngôn ngữ khác nhau và ở những bài đầu tiên mình sẽ chỉ hướng dẫn các bạn mod Android Unity game thôi nhé. Ở bài viết sau mình sẽ làm video hướng….

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DEAD TARGET: Zombie v4.1.0.3 Mod APK

Dead Target: Zombie is an FPS game where you can: – Witness the stunning 3D graphics with detailed textures – Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music – Bring smash death to zombies which are chasing you. – Be a killer to slay zombies in style with epic weapon system – Upgrade your gears to face the upcoming zombies waves – Experience 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter – Complete all achievements and quests to compete with your friends – Set your nerve to the highest level to deal with different zombie types – Interact with the environment to defend your position and stay alive Mod: – Infinite Gold. – Infinite Cash. – Ads Removed. HOW TO INSTALL? – Uninstall PlayStore game if you have it. – Download MODDED APK and install. – Have fun. DOWNLOAD: Dead Target_4.1.0.3.apk

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My Talking Angela v3.1.3.37 hack full APK

My Talking Angela: ADOPT BABY ANGELA Adopt Angela as your very own virtual pet and give her a fabulous life! Help her grow into a stylish city kitty. From teeth brushing to clothes shopping – she’s all yours! TAKE CARE OF HER Make Angela your very own superstar! Nurture her, sing to her, feed her delicious treats. Just watch – she’ll become your new best friend! CREATE COLORFUL MAKEUP Let your stunning sense of style shine through by giving Talking Angela a style make-over! Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush – customize to your heart’s content! With dozens of different colors and endless creative freedom; you can really express yourself! EXPRESS YOUR FASHION FLAIR You’re fabulous, so make Angela fabulous too! Dress her in the latest fashions and the cutest costumes, from beautiful ballerina to punk ninja! Complete the look by giving her the perfect hairstyle too! With over a million different fashion….

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Star Chef: Cooking & Restaurant Game v2.14.3 (Mod Money) APK

Being a Top Chef is not just about running a kitchen. It’s about having the right tools, getting the right mix of ingredients, using the freshest produce, to bring in flavor and that dash of spice and zing! Plate up exotic dishes, ramp up your restaurant tastefully with elegant décor and begin your tryst with the awesome world of food to Realize your dream of becoming a Star Chef! ———- FEATURES: • Cook and master appetizing world cuisine • Build a world-class kitchen with top-of-the-line cooking appliances • Hire and manage skilled staff to help you in your kitchen • Customize and build the restaurant of your dreams with elegant wall and floor decors, stylish tables, fountains and more! • Grow fresh produce from your very own backyard! • Serve delicious food to hungry foodies who visit your Restaurant! • Play with friends on Facebook and Game Center, visit their….

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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island v2.6.6 hack full APK

The description of Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Try to live the life of a man who has got on a desert island … You’ll have to look for food, build a house, collecting and crafting things necessary for life. Your only goal – to survive! ————- Ocean Is Home is: – Full freedom, explore the huge island ; – Build your own house; – Craft items and weapons to hunt and survive on the island; – Advanced system of player skills; – Different kinds of transport. —————————– Quick tips: – Mine wood and stone at the beginning; – Use it to craft items for the construction of houses, weapons for hunting animals, tools for fishing, water extraction, electricity and many other things; – Find some food or build your own farm. MOD: 1. Infinite Coins 2. Infinite Power 3. No Fuel Consumption 4. No Power Consumption 5. Max Condition….

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Aircraft Combat 1942 v1.1.2 (Mod Money) APK

Features: -Cutting edge 3D graphic! -17 ww2 warplanes in real history! – Varied and powerful weapons! -Beautiful environments! -Smooth and simple aircraft control system! -Easy to learn hard to master! -Exciting VFX effect! -Nice optimized,running on old devices and only need no more than 50MB space. MOD: – Mod Money HOW TO INSTALL: – Uninstall PlayStore game if you have it. – Download MODDED APK and install. – Have fun.

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Mod game hay day

1_38_184 Hay Day Ultimate diamond and gold

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Mod money

Game: Miracle origin v 1.3.7

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Au mobile th

อัพเดทmod Au mobile th เวอชั่น 1.6.0815 season4 หน่อยคับ mod auto Perfes all mode Done:

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Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 v333.0 Menu Mod | One Hit | God Mode

Forget about job class selection. In Romance of Heroes, you can use 1 character to play multiple weapons. Change to your favourite class in just 1 second. Melee? Range? No problem! ♛ THÔNG TIN PHIÊN BẢN Name: Romance of Heroes:Realtime 3v3 Phiên bản hiện tại: 333.0 Dung lượng tải game: 65MB Yêu cầu ROOT: No Yêu cầu Android: 4.0 trở lên ♛ TÍNH NĂNG BẢN MOD : Mod Menu DMG Mul DEF Mul No Skill CD Max Vip ♛ HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT : ❖ CÁCH CÀI ĐẶT CÁC GAME KHÔNG YÊU CẦU ROOT + Bước 1: Gỡ phiên bản hiện tại (Nếu có) + Bước 2: Tải file Game APK để cài đặt mod. ❖ CÁCH CÀI ĐẶT CÁC GAME YÊU CẦU PHẢI ROOT + Yêu cầu máy đã ROOT + Yêu cầu loại bỏ xác thực APK với Lucky Patcher + Bước 1: Gỡ phiên bản hiện tại….

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Yeu cau mod au thai lan

Link: Version:6.1 Chế độ:Auto dance Super perfect full chế                độ  

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War of Emblem – Legend v0.6.7 Menu Mod

Different from traditional SLG, we design this interesting but challenging gameplay.You can gain various resources by occupying different type of resource-output lands whose total number is more than 4 million pieces, and increase their production by taking different functional neutral cities located all over the kingdom. ❖ THÔNG TIN BẢN MOD Tên game: War of Emblem – Legend Phiên bản: 0.6.7 Dung lượng: 552MB Yêu Cầu Root: KHÔNG CHPlay: ❖ TÍNH NĂNG BẢN MOD + MOD MENU MOD + MOD ONE HIT + MOD GOD MOD ❖ HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT 1. Hoàn thành màn hướng dẫn sau đó Gỡ cài đặt bản gốc trên máy nếu có. 2. Tải bản mod về máy cài đặt không mở game 3. Tải obb và giải nén được thư mục com.kurokostudio.legend và chép vào đường dẫn sdcard/android/obb 4 .Play

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